Closed albums

Gary Kalbfleisch – Member since 2010.

11/2022  Annelise Faulkner

07/2022  John Pavalasky – Longtime club treasurer, and longtime co-manger of our club sales circuit.

08/2021  Michael Hynes – Member, part-time stamp dealer, and prominent specialist in precancels & perfins.

07/2021  Al Williams

06/2021  Karlene Williams

06/2021  Jim Stewart – Longtime member, and stamp dealer.

05/2021  Sue Dempsey – Stamp dealer.

12/2020  Ken Mitchell – Longtime member, and club officer.

12/2020  Sandra Willis – Member.

12/2020  Michael Yui – Member

11/2020  Joe Ross – Longtime member, and a prominent specialist in worldwide revenue stamps.

09/2020 Fred Rickert – Longtime member, and a past club president.

09/2020  Peter Lawlor

06/2020  Claude Abraham – A former member who had moved to Southern California, and a past president of the Roseville Stamp Club.

04/2020  Warren Popp

03/2020  Robert Etzler

03/2020  Chuck McFarland – Member, and stamp dealer.

01/2020  Jim Leer – Stamp dealer.

2020  Richard Davis

12/2019  Bill Oliver  –  A very longtime member, a past president of the Council of Northern California Philatelic Societies, a past general chairman of WESTPEX, and a prominent specialist in Philippines philately.

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