Competitive Exhibits

Frames 1-2         Nancy Swan                       Birthstones
Frames 3-4         Nancy Swan                       Postcard Views of Crater Lake National Park
Frame 5              Ed Calhoon                        The Fipex Triangle
Frame 6              Peter Thy                           Early British Bechuanaland Telegraph Forms
Frames 7-10       Peter Thy                           Rhodesian Rail Stamps Used in Botswana
Frame 11            Isaac Calderon                 Revolution Mexico Overprints of the Hidalgo Cinco Centavo ary Issue
Frame 12            Isaac Calderon                 Barred Numerical Town Cancellations of Ireland 1845-1898



Non-competetive Exhibits

13-17    Vesma Grinfelds       Latvia: Postmarks and Postal Routes of the Pre-Stamp Period
18          Larry Crain                Traveled in 5+ Countries
19-21     Larry Crain                Rate Change Confusion
22          Robert Pope              Orville and Wilbur Wright’s 75th Anniversary of Powered Flight
23          Robert Pope              The First Permanent Definitive Series Used in Ireland 1922-1939
24          Ana Calderon            Color Varieties of the Monarchy of Queen Elizabeth II