Weekly meetings are held every Wednesday evening (6:30PM-8:30PM), with the exception of when certain holidays (ie: Independence Day, Christmas & New Year’s) occasionally happen to be competing for our Wednesdays.

On Wednesday 12/13/2023, rather than a regular meeting, we’re having a holiday potluck meal.  Members are encouraged to bring family members/significant others to our potlucks.  It was mentioned in The Prospector, and details were sent to members via email.

We’re now meeting at the Arden Christian Church, in the Fellowship Room.

The church is located at 4300 Las Cruces Wy, Sacramento 95864  (for navigation purposes, you can use 4312 La Cruces Way to get accurate directions to our meeting place)

There’s a parking lot on the East side of the church, at the intersection of Las Cruces Way and Valmonte Drive.  The Fellowship Room is right by the parking lot.

Each Wednesday, we typically start gathering shortly after 6 PM, get the room set up by 6:30 PM, spend some time socializing and handling stamps until 8 PM, have an 8 PM short “business” meeting, have a drawing for the door prizes, and then start cleaning up sometime after 8:30 PM.  At our weekly in-person meetings, we normally have our Club Sales Circuit available for attendees to shop at, and we also normally have our club owned “5-cent” bins available for attendees to search through.  Attendees often enjoy just talking about their collections, and sharing their knowledge with others.  Plus, “Shoe Box” size containers of the 5¢ stamps can be taken home by members to search through during the week.  With the 5 cent bins, you get the opportunity to leisurely cherry pick through a box of loose stamps, and then just pay for the ones that you want to keep (whether you want one stamp or a thousand, the price is still 5 cents apiece). 

Weekly door prizes are distributed during the business part of the meeting, for attendees who arrive in time to get a door prize ticket before 8 PM.   

We also normally have our club library of philatelic literature available at each meeting.

Our board members now regularly meet on the third Wednesday of each month, at 8:30 PM, in the same room that we use for the weekly club meetings.  All club members are welcome to attend board meetings, but non-board members don’t get to cast official votes for decisions being made at a board meeting.  If a member wishes to attend a board meeting using Zoom, then see the Zoom info shown below.  Prior to 09/2023, the board meetings were being held on the second Wednesday of each month.

On Wednesday 12/01/2021, we combined our regular weekly meeting with an on-line Zoom meeting, allowing our on-liners to be able to see what they’ve been missing out on at our new meeting location (we just started meeting there in July – see details below).  The Zoom meeting started at 7:00 PM Pacific Time.  If you would like to receive an invitation for a future Zoom meeting, please contact Joanne or email us at

On Wednesday 12/15/2021, rather than a regular meeting, we had a holiday potluck.  This particular Wednesday was one of the very few times that we were not dealing with any stamps.  Members were encouraged to bring family members/significant others.

On Wednesday 04/06/2022, we held a silent bid sale at our weekly meeting.  At our silent bid sales, all lots are required to be of philatelic nature, and current SPS membership is required for all consignors and all bidders.

On Wednesday 05/25/2022 we held our annual election of officers & directors.

At our meetings, we do show respect for any applicable Sacramento County guidelines for group gatherings, and we do comply with any applicable Sacramento County mandates for group gathering.

Occasionally we do still gather for Zoom meetings.  Please note that all of our in-person meetings have resumed (with nothing being temporarily canceled due to COVID-19).  If you’re interested in getting a ZOOM meeting scheduled, please contact Joanne or email us at