2021 SACAPEX Palmares


LeRoy D. Armstrong Memorial Award, for best exhibit by a Sacramento Philatelic Society member
Peter Thy – Early British Bechuanaland Telegraph Forms

Best Multi Page Exhibit
Nancy L. Swan – Birthstones

Best Single Page Exhibit
Ed Cahoon – The Fipex Triangle

Gold Award
Nancy L. Swan – Birthstones

Vermeil Award
Ed Cahoon – The Fipex Triangle
Nancy L. Swan – Postcard Views of Crater Lake National Park

Silver Award
Peter Thy – Early British Bechuanaland Telegraph Forms

Silver-Bronze Award
Issac Calderon – Overprints of Mexico’s Hidalgo 5 Centavo War Issue 1911-1917
Peter Thy – Rhodesian Rail Stamps Used in Botswana

Bronze Award
Issac Calderon – Barred Numeral Diamond Cancellations of Ireland 1945-1998

Participation Certificates
Ana Calderon – Color Varieties of the Monarchy of Queen Elizabeth II
Larry Crain – Rate Change Confusion
Larry Crain – Traveled in 5+ Countries
Vesma Grinfelds – Latvia: Postmarks and Postal Routes of the Pre-Stamp Period
Robert N. Pope – The First Permanent Definitive Series Used in Ireland 1922-1939
Robert N. Pope – Orville and Wilbur Wright’s 75th Anniversary of Powered Flight