We have a variety of services available, for all ages and all levels of philatelic experience.

If you have some stamps that you’ve been struggling with trying to figure out their age, or whether or not they may possibly have any significant value, then feel free to ask us for help.  We deal with all types of stamps, even non-postage stamps, and we deal with stamps from all parts of the globe.  Feel free to contact us today for more information.

SPS Emails & eBlasts

Members can have their newsletters sent to them via email. Our email distribution is managed by Robert Pope. If you're an SPS member who's not receiving regular stamp club emails from Robert Pope (and you've already checked through your spam/junk emails), then you can contact Robert Pope (his email address is shown below) to provide him with your current email address.

Join Our Club!

Our membership dues are relatively inexpensive, and members get the opportunity to hang out with friendly folks who share a common interest. Plus, our meetings are a great place for you to be able to ask questions, swap stamps, or just show off your latest philatelic finds/acquisitions.

                                   Bi-monthly Newsletter

The SPS newsletter is called the Prospector.  You can access our recent newsletters here:

July – Aug 2021

May – June 2021

March – April 2021

January – February 2021


SPS Wednesday Meetings

Exciting News! We're now again meeting in person (rather than only via Zoom) on Wednesday nights @ 7PM. However, our meeting location has changed. The new location isn't too far from the the old one, and the details are available in our current newsletter (the Prospector).

Whether you're looking to buy or sell, there's still a local stamp dealer's shop in town to help you out.

With the shows and club meetings on hold due to the virus, local stamp dealer Ed Dimmick is still diligently working at his stamp shop five days a week, Tuesday through Saturday. His hours are normally 10am to 5pm, and he's eager to welcome visitors. The address is 4020 El Camino Ave, Suite D-4, Sacramento 95821 (about a half mile east of Watt Avenue). To get into Ed's shop, go inside the building, and then #D4 will be at the back. Ed's phone number is (916) 571-5884. Even though Ed's received his two COVID-19 vaccination shots, and there's ample room in the building to keep people apart, you're still not allowed to bring any contagious viruses with you. But please do try to go visit Ed, and see what he currently has to offer.


The SPS sponsors and organizes SACAPEX, our annual 2-day philatelic show on the first weekend in November. SACAPEX features a dealer’s bourse, exhibits, a kids’ area and a silent auction.  Also, the show offers meeting spaces for various philatelic clubs/groups to use during the show.

Stamps are needed for the 5 cent bags.

During the COVID-19 crisis, we've been making bags of donated stamps available for members to pick up at Ed Dimmick’s shop (4020 El Camino Ave, #D4). Members can take a bag of stamps home to pick through @ 5 cents each, and then return the bag when done, on the Honor System. If you have stamps that you'd like to donate to us, please let us know. You can drop off donation stamps at our weekly meetings, or Ed Dimmick’s shop. Donation stamps can also be left with either Ernie ( he's in the Tahoe Park neighborhood - ) or Joanne ( she's in the East Sacramento area - ). We have volunteers who are willing to soak stamps, so it's OK if your donation stamps are still on the envelope paper. If you have stamps to donate that are still mounted/hinged to pages, we also have volunteers who can strip them them off for you. Any and all undamaged stamps are appreciated. If you have somthing to donate that would be too bulky or valuable for the 5 cent bags, then please contact either Ernie or Joanne.

Recent “Closed Albums”

Michael Hynes - member, part-time stamp dealer, and prominent specialist in precancels & perfins.

Sue Dempsey - Stamp dealer.

Peter Lawlor

Karlene Williams

Jim Stewart - Longtime member, and stamp dealer.

Michael Yui - Member

Joe Ross - Longtime member, and prominent specialist in worldwide revenue stamps.

Fred Rickert – Longtime member, and past club president.

Ken Mitchell – Longtime member, and club officer.

Sandra Willis – Member.

Chuck McFarland – Member, and stamp dealer.

Membership Directory or Prospector

Please contact a Board member, or Robert Pope, if you are in need a printed copy of the Prospector (our bi-monthly newsletter), or the Membership Directory (our roster).


If you’re interested in seeing the club’s bylaws, click here.

                                   Poetzl Scholarship

The Sacramento Philatelic Society (SPS) has established a scholarship program at the behest of a special benefactor, Mr. Charles Poetzl, a stamp dealer who was a longtime member of the SPS.  The purpose of this scholarship is assist young philatelists within the SPS family in their quest for a post secondary education.

For more information on the scholarship, click here.

To download an application for the scholarship, click here.